Oana Cosug's approach of drawing is similar to that of field investigations, allowing the drawings to release and to activate fantasies in the perception of the viewer. The creation of such feelings does not rely on what is visible, but rather by creating unlikely feelings, evoking fear, fascination or desire.

The figurative approach to the subject, combined with an abstract game, geometric and capricious lines, contributes to creating several mysteries for the viewer.
In her drawings, she tries to express a feeling of anxiety, removing the assurance of the reality.

The portraits are not identifiable. The hands seem to search, who knows what, and to experience the infinite space.

Drawing is a way to reclaim images transient, ephemeral and often random or insignificant, because the medium requires an investment of time and energy.
Images that come to her are influenced by her readings, the history of art, and her travels. She feeds on it and tries to appropriate it so that it becomes a story in progress.

Using humor and irony as a form of poetic conceptualism, her drawings lead the viewer into another world, where events are subject to the rules of the absurdity and sarcasm with a spiritual sensitivity.